10 Dope SA Underrated Rappers

Although we may have the likes of Cassper Nyovest, AKA, K.O etc in the mainstream doing it big but there are some really dope south african rappers who are really underrated, rappers who do not get the recognition they really deserve with that said lets start with the count down.

10.  FonZo

The Cape Town Based rapper originally from port Elizabeth is really underrated not doubting the fact that he’s dope and Has really drop some Interesting Tapes like “The Pocket Change Ep” I Started listening to this guy when he was still doing covers on YouTube, Really Thought He’ll emerge but until Today He’s Still A Cape Town Based With No Recognised Features In The MainStream.

9.  Abdus

One of the most Dope underrated rappers in the industry, if you’re from Durban then you probably know who i’m talking about the Zulu Vernac rapper with powerful punchlines from tapes such as “The FixTape” to his debut album “The Library” you can tell the talent he has and the passion for what his doing, although he may have opened for the likes of “Usher” Back in the days but yet Still underrated.

8. Sakhekile “BlakSuga”

Sakhekile might be hard to remember but the iFani co-signed has really amazing talent, from his debut single under the name Sakhekile “One More Drink” and “Uzobuya” you could tell that He meant business although iFani might have tried to push him but it wasn’t much for him to break through in the industry, although he released what i might call the dopest tape in 2017 “God Timing” And Still Bumping It Today but he is still underrated.

7. Ginger “Trill” Breadman

If you a south african hip hop fan then you probably know who Ginger Trill Is, from features on Ricky Rick “Amantombazane” Single to the release of his mixtape with single such as “School Of The Hard Knocks” i have personally been a fan since the beginning, lately i heard him on Zoocci Coke Dope’s project and his documantary but did not get much from him ever since.

6. Zingah “Smashis”

The former Teargas co-signed has been finding it hard to breakthrough to the industry as a solo artist ever since he was axed from Cashtime Life he has been finding it hard to push on his own while on the other hand his mate Kid X find his foot and was still growing. however, lately he has been blessing us with good music non stop making sure that the industry notice him.

5. Red Button.

As Prokid’s co-sign he delivered the most, his flow is on point and has what it takes to be the next big thing but nobody really knows what was the hold up or what is the hold up from someone who is lyrically dope and has massive talent.

4. Notshi.

The Mahikeng born rapper is no doubt underrated he was one of the first rappers to receive a cosign or a feature from the likes of Khuli Chana no doubt the talent is there but nobody knows what’s holding him up, i mean Notshi should’ve blew up before the likes of Cassper Nyovest hence they’re from the same hood.

3. AB Fab “Fab Future”

Former Teargas cosign as well, but failed to blow up on his own even though after Ntukza, one of the teargas member broke up, he tried cosigning him releasing his debut single iDlozi but did not make it in the charts until today he’s still trying to make it in the industry.

2. M.T Venecular.

If you were the biggest “Full Clip” fan then no doubt you will know M.T the Puchliner is however second on the list because he’s the most underrated rapper on the list, even though he had beef with the likes of K.O over the “Skhanda Nation Vs Skhanda Republic” Issue but still he did not blew up. lately he had beef with eMTee Da Hustler But It Also Did Not Help Him Either

1. Maraza.

Maraza was a national sensation after the release of the single “Bengaz’ Ukuth Ngenzen” While he was still part of the crew Just That he then even elevated himself by winning the Jam Alley Versus on SABC 1 back in the days, all that he didn’t stop he released his first album which did not pretty much do well, he went all the way to even become a TV Presenter on SABC 1 although it helped but it wasn’t enough to boost him, he is still underrated even though he lately released his latest EP Ispiliyoni (which means experience) Which is one of his best work yet when including his most loved single Gwan