AKA: Asked Whether He Would Be Part Of #FillUpMosesMabhida And He Said “Yes”.

In the past few weeks, Cassper and AKA have made it loudly clear that nothing would bring them together as friends.

Well, except for one thing. Money. It wouldn’t get them to be friends but it would make them end up in the same place. This is what the ‘Beyoncé’ rapper said when he appeared on EastCoast Radio. After speaking on his relationship with “Beyonce” and resolving some issues he had with Bongani, he was asked a couple of quick-fire questions. One of them being whether he would be willing to be part of #FillUpMosesMabhida to which AKA said “yes”.

AKA went on to qualify his statement with “I’m the most genuine person in the game.” Knowing their history and what has been said up to this point, this will probably not happen. But weirder things have happened. Take a listen to the back and forth below.