AKA & Cassper Nyovest: Almost Got Into A Fight, Dj Drama’s Bodyguard Stop The Fight


Nyovest confirmed that something did happen between them after he tweeted “I’ve been provoked so many times & n***as have come at me with that street shit so many times.”

This allegedly happened over the weekend according to both of their fans when Nyovest along with DJ Drama decided to make an appearance at a venue where the Touch My Blood after party was happening.

AKA obviously got wind of this and sub-tweeted Nyovest asking “What’s up with your boy?” followed by “All I ask of the MEGACY is that they follow my lead. If I’m dissing. Diss. If I’m hyped, be hype. If I swing … swing. But if I’m quiet. Be quiet.”


Supa Mega’s manager Prince also jumped in with now deleted tweet stating “Why would you come to a Touch My Blood after party. You starting a fire and then you quickly run to Twitter.”

Nyovest seems to not be phased by any of this simply tweeting this morning: “I wanna live long. I wanna teach. I wanna set my family up. I wanna inspire my people. I wanna change the world in a positive way. I wanna have healthy kids I can relate my stories to and teach them about God and resilience. I am putting all this positive stuff into my future.”