AKA: Imagine When I Hit Double Plat, They’ll Be Ranting Hard

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AKA Responds To Sbuda Roc’s Shots At His Haters Sbuda Roc is name that is well respected in the SA Hip Hop industry as he is one of the people who push the culture behind the scenes.

He has worked with AKA before and continues to show the rapper support. Sbuda recently tweeted after AKA had revealed the plaque for his Touch My Blood album sending what seemed like shots at AKA’s haters. “Niggaz Is Sour , We going Double Platinum Real Soon . Keep making the Tantrum Calls !!!,” tweeted Sbuda Roc.

AKA saw this and responded to the tweet saying that imagine what the haters will be feeling when he reaches double platinum. “They must be strong!!! Imagine when we hit double plat!!! They gonna be ranting HARD,” read AKA’s response to Sbuda Roc’s tweet.