Cassper Nyovest: When I was rapping about being broke, no one had a problem with it

Cassper is forever being dragged on social media for being a “show off” or flaunting his riches, and the rapper has now hit back at his haters.

Speaking on Massiv Metro, Cassper said that criticising someone’s riches showed your own insecurities.

You can admire Meek but not your neighbour 

“You’re comfortable about saying Meek (Mill) is dope, Meek is rich. Shout out to Meek for the rollie. Because you will never see Meek. You can do that because you admire that life but you can’t (do that) for your neighbour because of your insecurities.”

The whole ‘coming out the hood and now I am rich’ raps

“What’s real? Real is true. What you are really going through. When I was rapping about being broke, I was really broke, but no one had a problem with it. So, when I rap about having money, because I am really getting money, then why do you have a problem with it?”

Cassper said that he wasn’t going to change or start lying in his music, because it would change the spirit of his music.

The rapper has been dishing out numbers to haters for some time now and clapped back at a fan who was tired of all his “material talk”.

Cass told TshisaLIVE shortly after buying his first Bentley that he was just trying to inspire young ‘uns to dream big when he blows up his social media with pics and comments about his riches.

“You know‚ I drove the Bentley home to Mafikeng last week and all the kids just started running after the car. They already knew the car. I mean‚ these are the same kids who used to see me chilling in the corner with people who used to do drugs. Some of my friends were thieves‚ some are in jail and some are dead. If you cannot appreciate a young black man‚ who comes from nothing and now drives a Bentley‚ then you have a problem‚ not me.”