K.O New E.P “Two Piece”

“My plan was to drop a single outside of SR2,” he tells me. “I haven’t been out of the studio since I put out SR2. I had recorded this one record with AKA, and I was going to follow that up with another single a month or two later, depending on how the first track did. Both records were going to feature someone.”

He played Fire Emoji, featuring AKA, for his label, Sony. Then he also played them a song called Waya Waya, featuring Cassper Nyovest.

“The label felt since we’re going into the last half of the year, fans would want to hear something more up-tempo from me and suggested that the Cassper record might be that song,” says K.O.

“Instead of me opting to can the Kiernan (AKA) record – he took time from being busy recording his album to give me a hot 16 – I decided it might be a good attempt, on my end, for me to try to build on the unity thing,” he continues. “I felt me being on the same record as Cassper was huge for the culture.”

You might remember that Cass and K.O weren’t necessarily on good terms after Cassper released a track called Beef, where he took jabs at the MTV Base Hottest MCs list by trying to discredit K.O’s achievements. Cassper apologised on social media, but K.O had never planned to hold a grudge.

Years later, the pair have a jam called Waya Waya, which is one side of the coin that is Two Piece. On it, K.O’s signature Skhanda nonchalance takes centre stage, and he raps about how ilokishi needs this collab.