Difference Between “Fully In” & “Turn Up Gang”

Although the concept of both songs is actually the same but you can deny the fact that they are two different songs made by completely different artists let’s analyze both  songs  below:

Fully In:

The beat produced by Tweezy we cannot deny the fact that the beat was inspired by kiff no beats song that was remixed by cassper nyovest to come up with turn up gang , fully in’s concept is more lyrical as compared to Turn Up Gang  as cassper’s song is more of a turn up song to warm the crowd before he start the show.  The hook and the beat was taken from Turn Up Gang’s Concept

Turn Up Gang:

This one is more of a turn up song lyrical concept is not that much on it hence it’s a turn up song but the beat is actually on point and it’s the kind of a song you might play in a club or in a concert knowing Cassper as a performer we cannot deny the reason why he chose not to release a song like turn up gang as an official audio. However, we can’t deny the fact that Fully In Was However Inspired but Cassper Nyovest’s Turn Up Gang