Download: AKA – Beyonce

How you gonna be my fiancee?
Living like Rihanna
Thinking you’re Beyonce
Holidays with the small plane
I bought you Balenciaga all I wanted was the small things
808 Heartbreak
When I left my baby mama I thought you would be my soulmate
You was a bum bae
Now I’m talking to this Bombay

[Verse 1]
You won’t believe
All these fucken nights I go freeze
My mona lisa
She all up in the streets
Michael Angelo all up in the suites
That’s bitter sweet
What’s the reason that you lost faith
Sleeping at your mom’s place
Now I got some extra garage space
Dark days praying for the last grace
Wherever you are
I wonder if you doing well
Remember in London when I took you to see Miguel?
Remember when I kicked you out the hotel?
50 minutes later I was blowing up on your cell?
We was crazy since the pool on some TMZ shit
Even made the fucking news on the Mozambican trip
Long braids long breaks
India Arie shit
Front page front page
We was still a secret


AKA – Beyonce