Fifi Cooper: Thanks To EFF Now I Can Officially Drop The Album

The rapper took them up on the offer, with Malema appointing the EFF’s lawyers to help her pro bono. Mooketsi and Ambitiouz Records have since reached an out of court settlement which sees the rapper free to perform or release any music she likes.

She is celebrating with a new album, titled Take Me Back, which will be the first release on her own label, MoCooper Records.

“I did different things in the past because I was not in control of my creativity, but now that I am my own boss I will stick to what I know best”, she said, explaining that the new project will be a return to her Motswako roots.

Last November, her former record label Ambitiouz Records got an interdict against her which left her legally unable to perform any material she created while at their stable.

The EFF helped Fifi with lawyers and judging by her posts, the judgement seems to have gone in her favour.

Other artists who cut ties with the stable in the past year or so include the likes of A-Reece, rap duo B3nchmarQ and most recently, Amanda Black.

Following rapper, Fifi Cooper’s fall out with her former label, Ambitiouz Entertainment in which she was financially shafted, the star took to social media to confirm that the case was over and that she would finally be able to release new music.

She also took time to thank the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), and specifically Julius Malema for standing by her when no one else would.

In the caption, Fifi said, “when Jesus say yes nobody can say no.. I would like to thank @julius.malema.sello and @effsouthafrica for helping me with the case🙏. The war is ALMOST over and I don’t really know how to thank Mr Malema. It’s been a very stressful year and I’m very happy the case is over now!! Now we can finally drop the album #Freedom”