Footage Emerges Of Machine Gun Kelly’s Crew Brutally Assaulting Actor

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 Machine Gun Kelly’s crew was accused of brutally assaulting actor Gabriel “G-Rod” Rodriguez last month and now, there’s proof. In new video footage obtained by TMZ, a man body slams G-Rod to the ground as three others begin to stomp on him.

The attack took place inside the lobby of an Atlanta Hampton Inn where G-Rod was staying. While MGK isn’t in the video, the altercation stemmed from an interaction G-Rod had with him at a Twin Peaks restaurant earlier that night.

G-Rod walked up to MGK and called him a “pussy” for his taking aim at Eminem’s family in the “Rap Devil” diss track.

The actor was taken to a local ER with severe facial injuries. He vows to sue if he doesn’t get a chance to fight MGK one-on-one.


Actor Gabriel “G-Rod” Rodriguez — who has appeared in television shows like The Walking Dead and Power — reportedly found himself on the other end of Machine Gun Kelly’s wrath on Friday night (September 14).

According to TMZ, things took a violent turn after G-Rod confronted MGK at an Atlanta Twin Peaks restaurant and told him was “a pussy” for going after family in his Eminem diss track “Rap Devil.”

Cell phone video footage shows G-Rod approach MGK and his crew before MGK starts yelling, “Get the fuck out my face, bro.”



G-Rod goes on to explain there were five of MGK’s “goons” standing around the Cleveland-bred rapper before the manager of the restaurant kicks G-Rod out.

Two hours later, G-Rod says he sees the manager at the door and tells him he was wrong for kicking him out. He says the manager replied, “What am I supposed to do? It’s MGK.”

Then, G-Rod says he hears MGK continuing to insult him from across the street but decides to walk away. Before he knew it, MGK’s “goons started to descend from everywhere.” As MGK and his entourage try to go back into the restaurant, a police officer stops them at the door, refusing to let them back in.

“He gets in the cop’s face and calls him a ‘punk bitch pig,’” G-Rod explains. “‘Get out of my fuckin’ way you pussy ass, punk bitch. Get out of my way you stupid pig.’ Imagine if that would have been me or any other person of color.”

Later, G-Rod says he was jumped by five of MGK’s bodyguards outside of the Hampton Inn where he was staying.

According to police, who’ve seen surveillance video, one man body slammed G-Rod and three others started punching and kicking him in the face.

G-Rod was taken to a local ER with severe facial injuries. He’s hired an attorney and vows to file a lawsuit if MGK doesn’t fight him one-on-one.

“I will drop the lawsuit if we both sign waivers and meet in an octagon and go man-to-man without goons or weapons,” he says.

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