GEMINI MAJOR:Gemini major & Nasty C React To Rowlene Speaking On Gemini Relationship.


Gemini major & Nasty c React To Rowlene Speaking about her and Gemini major’s Relationship!


Rowlene recently revealed that she used to date well renowned producer Gemini Major saying that she still loves Gemini Major like a dog.

When Gemini Major saw this, the producer proved not to be too happy with the comments that his ex-girlfriend passed about him.

Gemini’s first response to the videos posted on twitter of Rowlenes comments saying that he was shaking his head and asked what is wrong with Rowlene.

“If am a pet,This a whole pit bull..Not a chihuahua .Relax child,” tweeted Gemini.


When Nasty C saw the videos being posted under one of his tweets the rapper just responded laughing which he then deleted.