Gigi Lamayne: Feat. Londi London & Eminent Fam On VI EP

1. VI [Prod. By DJ Abza]
2. Twinkleft. Londie London [Prod. By Blaq Diamond]
3. Roll [Prod. By Kreazoe]
4. Iphupho [Prod. By Blaq Diamond]
5. Baddest In The Game ft. Eminent Fam [Prod. By Kreazoe]
6. Stimela[Prod. By Blaq Diamond]

Gigi Lamayne Unveils VI EP Tracklist And Artwork! Gigi Lamayne has been teasing her fans with her upcoming EP which will be dropping on the 7th of July.

She has finally unveiled the EP’s artwork and the full tracklist. The projects title is linked to the number of songs on the project as there are six songs on the project. The “VI EP” is going to feature only two artists with one of them being an upcoming artist and the other an established one.

Londie London and Eminent Fam are the two artists featured on the project on Twink Left and Baddest In The Game. Take a look at the tracklist below.