HHP: AKA Chickened Out When I Wanted To Feat. Him, I’m crushed

‘I’m Crushed,’ HHP On Trying To Collaborate With AKA!  It is no secret that AKA’s music is well appreciated by the “OG’s” in the SA Hip Hop community.

One of the rappers who likes AKA’s music is HHP and he recently spoke on collaborating with AKA on his upcoming album. Responding to a fan who had asked if he was going to feature AKA, HHP tweeted that he had actually made a song which was supposed to feature AKA for his upcoming album but did not get the verse.

“Well, he chickened out. As an AKA fan, I’m crushed. But as JabbaX, I’m dissapointed. The song was called . It was going to be a HUGE single. It’s arguably the biggest song on the album. But we have over 11 strong singles…mare o re khawatile SuperMegaCity,” tweeted HHP.