Kanye West: Doesn’t want Journalists to call him a ‘Rapper’

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Johannesburg – Kanye West has undoubtedly proved himself to be a jack of all trades but one thing he will not stand for is being ‘patronised’ and boxed to a single title.

The Famous hit maker – er, we mean recording artist – recently took to Twitter to share in two lengthy tweets, that he is much more than just a ‘rapper’ and ‘singer’.

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“Music is an art form.  When reporters call me “the singer,” the “rapper”, or even the “pop star” there’s an air of condescension and patronization. Those kinds of journalist are acting like they’re better than us.” Kanye tweeted.

According to Kanye, these kind of descriptions restrict musicians especially the contributions they make to society. More than anything he went on to express how he felt like this was an example of ‘elitism and classism’.

Kanye went on to add that musicians such as Prince and Michael we’re referred to as “recording artists” and perhaps this is how anyone working in music should be referred to.

“It’s just another example of elitism and classism. If you read Prince or Michael’s Wikipedia their title is recording artist. Moving forward anyone working in music should be referred to as a recording artist.”