Khuli Chana: I’m Not Wrapping This Album Up Before I Get A Verse From A-reece

Khuli Chana Reveals A-Reece As The First Feature On His Album! A-Reece and Khuli Chana have had a rather long relationship dating back to when A-Reece did his first show at 16.

A-Reece recently replied to Khuli Chana dropping his single from #UnreleasedThursdays I Get It quoting his favorite lines from the track. Khuli chana responded to the rapper’s tweet thanking him for showing support and asking him to feature on his upcoming album.

“Thank u King,and just so u know…I am NOT wrapping up this album until I get a verse from ?,” tweeted Khuli Chana. A-Reece responded to the rappers request saying that he would do it.