L-Tido Ask Cassper & AKA To Make Peace

L-Tido Asks AKA And Cassper Nyovest To Make Peace! The 5 aside challenge that Cassper made to L-Tido has had a lot of people see L-Tido as the intermediate between AKA and Cassper.

When the challenge was made, the two rappers also bet with L-Tido saying that if his team were to beat Cassper’s team , Cassper would have to make amends with AKA. The YFM twitter account then went on to imply that L-Tido was actually trying to help Cassper and AKA make amends.

L-Tido saw this and replied saying that he had never said that he wanted to help. This tweet was followed by a tweet that was actually asking the rappers to make peace. “Ok guys let me do it for  … Yo  and  can you please make peace brothers,” tweeted L-Tido.