Lerato Kganyago: Weighs in on Cassper Nyovest’s unpaid Stylist

Lerato Kganyago weighs in on Cassper Nyovest's unpaid bill

Lerato Kganyago has been dragged into the social media debate around Cassper Nyovest’s unpaid bills to his stylist

Metro FM radio jockey, Lerato Kganyago has been lured into commenting on Cassper Nyovest’s alleged unpaid bills to a former stylist. Kganyago has been involved in the debate since the weekend and has continued to comment on the matter today. Her name was first implicated in the matter on Sunday, 15 July 2018, after a Twitter user with the handle, @KeepingUpWithTebas, posted a comment about the Cassper Nyovest debacle.

The tweet read, “SA celebrities are now silent because the issue about Cassper 😴If it was Emtee , AKA etc. the likes of LKG and others could have preached to us …Ever since Tsibip hosted #FillUpFnbStadium the d**k riding has been on another level 🚶 #BroerTakeoutTheCoins”. Kganyago responded with a series of angry tweets from early this morning. One such post read, “Your obsession with me is on a higher grade! Didn’t know my opinion makes you sleep. You always want to drag my name in negative things. FYI what Casper did is MESSED UP! We all trying to put food on the table, he needs to pay that young man for his hard work.” Many of her followers have since encouraged her not to respond to these kinds of accusations.