MA-E: #Lie2Me My First Music Video As A Solo Artist To Reach 1M Views.

Ma-E Celebrates His First Million Views On YouTube! Ma-e is probably one of the few OG’s of his generation who are still making music today. Although the rapper is of a much older generation, he still has the ability to connect with the youth of today.

The rapper recently tweeted celebrating his first million views on YouTube for Lie 2 Me thanking AKA for being part of it. This is the first video by Ma-E as a solo Hip Hop artist to reach a million views on YouTube.

“Just realised that  is now over 1 million views on YouTube, my first music video as a solo artist to reach that. Tah  for being part of the record, it never got that much attention but the music will always speak for itself… Ngiyabonga 4 isupport,” tweeted Ma-E.