Nasty C: Explains Why He Left Mabala Noise For Universal Music Group

Umphumela wesithombe se-nasty c

Nasty C Explains His Move From Mabala To Universal! In recent times we have seen quite a number of artists have conflict with their labels and loose a lot from leaving the labels.

Nasty C announced that he left his former label Mabala Noise earlier this year for Universal Music Group. The rapper recently explained how the transition was like for him from label to label saying that there was not any conflict between him and Mabala Noise.

“It was an agreement between all three of us, so yea it was like a smooth transition. I don’t know, people think that there was like a conflict, no there was none of that It was like a smooth transition,” said Nasty C explaining his move. He then went on to clarify that Mabala Noise was no longer in the picture.