Nasty C: I Choose To Trust, I Don’t Owe It To No One

Nasty C Went Hard on Factory 78 freestyle with Dj Larry, he went really hard dropping bars after bars on duppy beats here are some of the lines he dropped:

  1. I’m the most humble, but act diffferent next minute
  2. You Have To see where i’m coming from to get what i’m gunning for
  3. I’m on a mission and imma finish that
  4. Me and these niggas aren’t really friends, don’t take the calls just let them talk to the middle man
  5. You Don’t have a like without the internet, see these kids follow me on my innergram.
  6. You only as real as your jewellery.
  7. I’m Sensitive i know Betrayal like i know my siblings.
  8. When you ask me about the personal stuff, my response is always good as scripted.
  9. I figured i might be better off as a loner.
  10. The world is getting colder and colder, so i had to learn to dress my persona, i had to put him in a happy suit.

Watch Freestyle Here: