Nasty C: I Want To Be A Billionaire Before The Age Of 30, Here’s How

Nasty C has big plans.

Nasty C is making a lot of money from his successful musical career, but the 21-year-old rapper is planning on making billions outside of the entertainment industry by the time he reaches thirty.

Speaking to Slikour, Nasty C revealed that he had created five inventions that are set to change the world and turn him into a billionaire: “I also have a couple of inventions, I’ve got like…six. Something not related to music or entertainment at all, I have like…five of them, I know for a fact that three of them are gonna be successful, and they’re gonna make me a billionaire, I’ve been saying thirty-six, but now I’m saying thirty…”

Without disclosing what the great invention is, Nasty C went on to add that he had created this practical invention with his bare hands, and he is convinced that because everybody will need it, it will turn him into a billionaire.

“It’s game-changing type of stuff…practical stuff…it’s a global idea, it’s in everybody’s eyes but people just don’t realize it. I’ve made the prototypes, works like a charm, I made it with my own hands, I asked somebody to 3D print some things that I needed to put it together and then I did, and it works, I tried it, it works…everybody needs it, that’s why I’m saying it’s gonna make me a billionaire” he said.

He recently dropped Strings and Bling, said he now had bigger plans for his future and that includes helping young people looking up to him.

“(I want to help) anywhere I can. Even if it means I have to pay for things or donate. But my main instrument of giving back is teaching kids the law of attraction and teaching them to read. Even those that think they are too cool, you know too cool to read. I know I was like that at some point. I discovered once I started reading that there were so many tools. After that I felt like I had so much power.”

Nasty C said he mostly reads self help books and that at the moment he’s reading books like The 50th power of LawTo think And Grow Rich and Five Second Rule.

“People look at me like I am special or magical but no we are the same.”

Nasty said he’s going to be a billionaire by 30 and you need to hear his explanation for yourself!