Nasty C: Shares A Photo of His Conversation With Drake

When Drake dropped his album titled Scorpion, the rapper took over the world of music across all genre’s. The rapper has had his album dominating the charts on different platforms from the day of release.

Nasty C recently shared screenshots of the SA iTunes Hip Hop charts for singles which were mainly dominated by Drake’s Scorpion and his Strings And Bling. In the entire top 40, there are only two spots that appear taken by the two rappers with Cardi B’s I Like It andPost Malone’s hit single Psycho.

Nasty C went on to talk about how he was having conversations with Drake on the charts seeing as the are the only two who are dominating the top 40 charts. Nasty has a total of 15 songs charting in the top 40 at the moment whilst Drake has a whooping total of 23 tracks.