Nasty C: ‘Shut your face, God is my bestie’ hits back

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While many were tickled by the post, one fan jumped into the comments and hit the rapper with a: “Dude. don’t say that…respect God”.

Nasty didn’t seem fazed by the comment and hit them right back.

“Shut your face. God is my bestie,” he wrote, to laughter from his fans.

The debate continued with fans dropping sermons about their views on the matter.

Nasty C has always been spiritual but perhaps never prayed more than when his house was burgled last year.

Speaking to DJ Speedsta on Metro FM recently, said he feared for his life during the ordeal.

“The area wasn’t the right one too. I moved completely. A lot of stuff (was going through my mind, like) ‘am I dying right now?’ I thought it was it. I thought I was finished. It was scary.”

The Strings and Bling rapper believes it was an inside job and said he was more cautious after the incident.