NASTY C:Nasty C Says He Isn’t Involved In Rowlene’s Personal Life

Nasty C Says He Isn’t Involved In Rowlene’s Personal Life! Rowlene and Nasty C have known each other for quite sometime and their relationship has evolved to Nasty C being Rowlene’s label boss.


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A video of Rowlene talking about her relationship with Gemini Major recently surfaced were she spoke about how she was cheated on by the producer when they were dating. This caused quite a storm on social media which eventually spilt over to Nasty C’s side and received questios about his new signee.

The rapper addressed this in an Instagram story he posted saying that he isn’t involved in her personal life.

“I’m not involved in Rowlene’s personal life. I’m not involved in her personal business. I don’t know who she’s dated or who she’s been dating, I don’t know what’s going on,”

said Nasty C telling his fans to stop asking him questions.