Talib Kweli: Me & Cassper Made Beautiful Music Together & It Was Fun

Talib Kweli Answers Cassper’s Fan On Him & Cassper! The song that broke Cassper Nyovest into the whole of Africa back in 2014 called Doc Shebeleza surely opened a lot of doors for him.

Following the success of his hit single, Cassper Nyovests doors started opening, scoring one of his first international features. The rapper was able to get the legendary Talib Kweli onto the Doc Shebeleza remix when the rapper came to South Africa.

One of Casspers fans went on twitter to ask Talib what had happened between him and Cassper. “We made beautiful music together. And it was fun. That’s the homie. RT  What Happened Between You &  ? ,” tweeted Talib Kweli replying to the fan.