Tweezy: I Produce Quarter Of “TouchMyBlood” Full In

Tweezy’s Response To Fan’s Tweet On AKA Denying His Input! When AKA released his second album called Levels, we saw a rather controversial story come out in terms of the production.

AKA went on twitter and put Tweezy on blast telling him not to claim songs that he hadn’t worked on although he had worked on some like Sim Dope. Now that the Supa Mega is about to release his 3rd album, he went to seek for Tweezy to produce two of the songs with Fully In and Touch My Blood.

A fan replied to a tweet posted by Tweezy revealing that he produced two of the songs on the rappers upcoming album. “Is AKA aware of this? Coz last time he denied your input like a Baby daddy denying his own kids,” tweeted the fan.

Tweezy replied showing confidence and not being bothered by the question. “That don’t matter. All that matters is that I’m a self made cheese boy and that I am my mothers blesser,” read Tweezy’s  response to the fan.